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Workers’ Compensation

Even though the workforce in the United States has steadily increased, chances of being injured at work have actually decreased. There are several reasons for this. Through State and Federal legislation and indeed, through lawsuits brought by Plaintiff’s attorneys, much of the machinery and equipment used today is safer than machinery and equipment used in the past. In many aspects, in the past, the worker was simply treated as a “cog” in the wheel of industry.

If the worker broke down, just like a cog, he could simply be replaced. That is no longer the case. There have been great strides made through technology, engineering and the dreaded lawsuit, that have protected workers. Additionally, our workforce has changed. More and more of our occupations are less physically demanding with many manufacturing jobs going overseas. As a result, our chances of being injured while at work have decreased. Nevertheless, every year in Utah, there are typically 60,000 to 70,000 reported injuries on the job.

The vast majority of these cases are taken care of by the employer or its insurance carrier without the need of legal counsel. Workers’ compensation is a “no fault” system. That means the injured worker does not need to show the employer was at fault before benefits will be paid. Likewise, the employer cannot claim the injured worker was at fault in order to avoid paying workers’ compensation benefits. Because of this no fault system, many times you do not need the help of an attorney because the workers compensation insurance company will pay your medical expenses and the statutory required 2/3 of your wage. Indeed, here at Aaron J. Prisbrey, P.C., we cannot assist you unless there has been a denial of benefits in your case.

While the workers’ compensation insurance carrier for the employer will typically pay benefits in most work related accident, it appears that the denials normally relate to significant injuries, such as permanent disability claims and requested complex surgeries such as neck and low back operations. It is denials of these significant injury claims in which Mr. Prisbrey concentrates the workers’ compensation part of his practice.

Mr. Prisbrey has tried literally hundreds of these cases involving permanent disability or significant surgical denials. These cases are quite complex, and indeed, few attorneys are willing to take on these cases. If you have been seriously injured in a work accident and it appears you will not be able to go back to work, or if a major surgical procedure is being denied, browse our site, order one of Mr. Prisbrey’s books and contact us.